Téma: Industrial Trends: Genre And the Movie Business
(Hostující editor: Richard Nowell)




Richard Nowell:

Getting Down to Genre Business

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Peter Krämer

"Black is In". Race and Genre in Early 1990s American Cinema

Stuart Henderson:

Family Resemblances. The Genericity of the Hollywood Sequel

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Andrea Comiskey:

Genre, Domestic Distribution, and Audiences, 1935–1945. The Case of the Western

Richard Nowell:

"Between Dreams and Reality". Genre Personae, Brand Elm Street, and Repackaging the American Teen Slasher Film

Sheldon Hall:

Carry On, Cowboy. Roast Beef Westerns



Richard Nowell:

Film Genre and the Industrial Mindset: More Work

Needed. A Brief Exchange with Peter Hutchings

Ad Fontes

Jarmila Petrová:

P. D. C. s. r. o. (1920–1955)

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Jaromír Blažejovský:

Vzhůru k sebekolonizaci, obsaďme nemísta (Jana Dudková, Slovenský film v ére transkulturality)

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Jindřiška Bláhová:

"They've Seen the Impossible ... they've Lived the Incredible ...". Repackaging Czechoslovak Films for the US Market during the Cold War

Gareth James:

Cycles and Continuities. Understanding Media Convergence through Media History (Janet Staiger and Sabine Hake /eds/, Convergence Media History) Projects




Eric Schaefer:

The Problem with Sexploitation Movies


Peter Stanfield:

Notes Towards a Theory of Cyclical Production and Topicality in American Film



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