Theme: Film Archives and Sharing




Pavel Zahrádka (Palacký University Olomouc)

Professional vs. Fan Cultural Criticism.

Qualitative Analysis of Semantics and Normativity in Evaluation of Films

Themed Articles




Beatriz Tadeo Fuica (Université Paris III Sorbonne-Nouvelle)

Tracing Past Exchanges between European and South American Cinematheques. A Key to Understanding the Impact of Sharing


Alain Boillat (University of Lausanne) – Frédéric Maire (International Federation of Film Archives)

Sharing Knowledge between University and Cinémathèque.

The Autant-Lara Personal Archive for Research Projects



Marie Barešová

Active Archive. An Interview with Michael Loebenstein

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Jiří Anger – Tomáš Jirsa

We Never Took Deconstruction Seriously Enough

(On Affects, Formalism, and Film Theory). An Interview with Eugenie Brinkema

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Industry Voices


Ladislav Cubr – Matěj Strnad

We Will Never Have Perfect Data. An Interview with Thelma Ross

Ad fontes


Jaroslav Lopour

Satan’s Best Ceremony:

The Identification of Three Films by Jan Kříženecký

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Jeanne Pommeau – Jiří Anger

The Digitization of Jan Kříženecký’s Films


Petr Hasan

Vláčil František (1924–1999)



Petr Bednařík

The Complicated Journey of Film Archiving

(Jan Trnka: Český Filmový archiv 1943–1993. Institucionální vývoj a problémy praxe)


Martin Charvát

Kaleidoscopic History of Photography by a Doyen of Operative Photography (Nadar: Když jsem byl fotografem)

Horizon — Discussion


Martin Palúch

Response to the text „Patchwork“ by Václav Macek



Nadja Šičarov – Janneke van Dalen

Share That Knowledge! Finding Strategies for Passing on Knowledge Across Generations of Archivists




New Acquisitions of the NFA Library

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