Theme: Film Archives and Sharing




Pavel Zahrádka (Palacký University Olomouc)

Professional vs. Fan Cultural Criticism.

Qualitative Analysis of Semantics and Normativity in Evaluation of Films

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Themed Articles




Beatriz Tadeo Fuica (Université Paris III Sorbonne-Nouvelle)

Tracing Past Exchanges between European and South American Cinematheques. A Key to Understanding the Impact of Sharing

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Alain Boillat (University of Lausanne) – Frédéric Maire (International Federation of Film Archives)

Sharing Knowledge between University and Cinémathèque.

The Autant-Lara Personal Archive for Research Projects

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Marie Barešová

Active Archive. An Interview with Michael Loebenstein

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Jiří Anger – Tomáš Jirsa

We Never Took Deconstruction Seriously Enough

(On Affects, Formalism, and Film Theory). An Interview with Eugenie Brinkema

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Industry Voices


Ladislav Cubr – Matěj Strnad

We Will Never Have Perfect Data. An Interview with Thelma Ross

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Jaroslav Lopour

Satan’s Best Ceremony:

The Identification of Three Films by Jan Kříženecký

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Jeanne Pommeau – Jiří Anger

The Digitization of Jan Kříženecký’s Films


Petr Hasan

Vláčil František (1924–1999)



Petr Bednařík

The Complicated Journey of Film Archiving

(Jan Trnka: Český Filmový archiv 1943–1993. Institucionální vývoj a problémy praxe)


Martin Charvát

Kaleidoscopic History of Photography by a Doyen of Operative Photography (Nadar: Když jsem byl fotografem)

Horizon — Discussion


Martin Palúch

Response to the text „Patchwork“ by Václav Macek



Nadja Šičarov – Janneke van Dalen

Share That Knowledge! Finding Strategies for Passing on Knowledge Across Generations of Archivists




New Acquisitions of the NFA Library

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